Nose Right Instructions

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Nose Right Instructions

Nose Right Directions of use:

NOTE: The Nose Right is only good for ONE MONTH, after which you need to purchase another one for optimal results.

Its important to note that this product is not meant to treat, diagnose or cure any diseases. Consult your doctor before you use it if you have an preexisting nose conditions.

**within two weeks you should notice slight change, this product can take up to a month to see dramatic results. This is an alternative to rhinoplasty and a very inexpensive one. To see real results, you must be consistent and patient otherwise I recommend you to see a surgeon for fast results. Nose Right produces real results, as long as your committed in using it for 15 minutes a day everyday.

1. Wash face, or alternatively use an astringent to make sure nose is free from oils and dirt.
2. Place Nose Right on part of nose that is problematic

Bulbous types noses

put nose right on the tip of nose, or where its the biggest.

humped noses

make sure to put tool on the lower end of nose where the bump is the smallest and fashion the nose right in a way where it can easily push up the cartilage to even out the hump. Once you place Nose Right tool on lower bridge, you will notice how it pushes up cartilage very slightly and gradually. Make sure you fashion the tool in a way where it can manipulate the cartilage on the lower part of bridge where hump ends

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